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10min Multi-grain Bread

These multi-grain almond flour toast only takes 1-3 min to combine the ingredients, 2.5min in microwave and 3-5min toast in airfryer. Super easy to make and super healthy. Goes so well with organic ham, bacon, guoda, avocado & scramble eggs.


  • 1tbsp butter

  • 1 egg

  • 2tbsp almond milk

  • 1tbsp multigrain

  • 1/2 cup almond flour

  • 1/4 cup psyllium husk

  • Pinch of salt


  1. Melt butter in microwave for 30sec

  2. Beat the egg and add into the melted butter

  3. Add milk and beat well

  4. Combine the almond flour, psyllium husk, multigrain and salt. Add all into the mixture, Stir well for 1 min.

  5. Pour the mixture into a microwave bread bowl and microwave at high for 2.5min

  6. Remove from microwave (careful that it's hot)

  7. It should be easily remove from the bread bowl. Suggest to slice into half forming 2 circles.

  8. Toast for 3 to 5 min in airfryer for crunchy crust and serve when hot.

Recommendation, Serve with any of these option :

  1. 🥓🧀ham & cheese,

  2. 🥑avocado & smoke salmon

  3. 🍅 cherry tomatoes 🌱basil.

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