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More breakfast menu please…

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Thank you all for kind notes and support.

I feel so happy to receive emails from friends & people who like my previous post “simple breakfast and lunch”, asking me for more breakfast menu! Wow! Thank you and today, I am most delighted to share with you…

Country Breakfast: Pesto Mushroom & Scramble Egg

Serve 1 pax


Ingredients Pesto mushroom (see below for recipe) 1 egg (beaten) 2-3 sliced tomatoes 1-2 slice whole meal toast or croissant 1 tsp olive oil

Pesto mushroom 1 medium shiitake mushroom (slice in quarters) 2 small white button mushroom (slice in half) 1 small spinach (steam & chop finely) 1 small garlic (chop) 1/4 onion (chop) 1 stalk of coriander (chop) 25gm of cheese (ricotta/ feta / 25ml of milk 1 tbsp olive oil 10gm butter Pinch of salt & pepper

Instructions To make pesto mushroom 1) add olive oil & butter to same pan over medium heat 2) add garlic & onion, stir and cook for half to one min 3) add mushrooms, stir and add in spinach & coriander 4) add cheese & stir in milk over low heat for 3 min (longer time if require for mushroom to absorb the milk) 5) add pinch of salt & pepper to taste. Set aside

Prepare the other items 6) place tomatoes on clean non stick pan over medium fire for 1 min, flipped and cook the other side for another min. Remove from pan & set aside 7) heat non stickpan over low to medium heat with 1tsp olive oil, stir in egg (egg should be wet and slightly cook at base) 8) give the egg another quick stir to bring the slightly cook base to mix with wet portion. This give a scramble look 9) dish onto serving plate with pesto mushroom & tomatoes, serve with toast bread

Bon Appétit!

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