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Hand-Picked Freshness, 'Omakase' Style (お任せ蔬心优选)

Have you heard of J.O.E. Alliance?

Just. One. Earth (J.O.E Alliance) is a non-profit organisation, founded with a simple vision to restore clean air and freshwater to the environment, for us and for our future.

Recently, J.O.E Alliance rolled out a NEW Initiative known as R-Lifestyle 我行我素. working with a panel of Nutritionists, they introduce a balanced & nutritious combination using Hand-Picked Freshness, 'Omakase' Style (お任せ蔬心优选) : They deliver the bundle of fresh, high quality, organic and non-pesticide vegetables and fruits based on the nutritionists' design all over the island. Every package is specially selected and packed with a healthy theme. It is convenient and affordable.

Apart from the freshest selection of greens and fruits, I love that R-Lifestyle includes healthy tips and recipes! Here are a few of my favourite. You can certainly find more on their recipes web page.

On top and above, R-Lifestyle comes with a good cause, reducing plastics packaging and $1 donation for every order to the foodbank and charitable organisations to support the less privileged.

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